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Behind the Controller with Jacob Krell

We recently went behind the controller of Jacob Krell to learn about his dedication to Extra Life Detroit and his commitment to helping kids treated at Beaumont Children’s. He is currently the top fundraiser in the Detroit Guild!

How did you find out about Extra Life?
I found out about Extra Life through a podcast that I listened to. One of the hosts was participating for his first year and it sounded like a good time to me, so I joined in.

What does Game Day look like for you?
The past few Game Days have been more about supporting other gamers than actually playing for me. I don’t think this year will be much different. I typically do a few marathon streams scattered throughout the year and then try and point my amazing community at those who are participating on Game Day itself.

Has COVID-19 and quarantine altered your gaming routine?
If its done anything it has increased my game time! Those friends that I would have spent time with in person have instead been getting more and more into online gaming.

How long have you been gaming and what are your favorite games to play?
I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. My parents actually have a pictures of me as a toddler playing Frogger. Right now my favorite games to play are Terraria, Dark Souls, Sekiro, Red Dead Redemption 2, and just about anything I can play with friends.

Favorite childhood game?
Super Mario Bros 3, hands down.

What makes you so passionate about raising funds for Beaumont Children’s?
My passion for Extra Life seems to grow stronger every year. In the beginning it was all about having a guilt free excuse to game for 24 hours. A few months after game day I received a letter from Beaumont Children’s that shared a story of how the funds we raised helped a child. For some reason that story stuck with me and pushed me to do better the next year.

A few years later a friend of mine, one of the podcasters that introduced it to me to Extra Life, found himself in a scary situation with his new twin babies. One of them, Mason, spent the first year of his life in the NICU. Over the course of the next two years I followed his story, prayed for his family and encouraged him when I could. Mason sadly passed away at the age of 2, but his story has not only inspired me to do more, but also inspired a whole community. My team is actually named after him, Masons Littlest Warriors.

Lastly, having kids of my own in the past 5 years has really deepened my passion even further. My boys are both healthy, thank God, but I know that is not the case for everyone. I look at life differently now, and if raising funds for CMN helps out even one child I know its worth it.

What would you tell someone thinking about signing up for Extra Life?
Do it! It is an absolutely rewarding experience and well worth it! Also, get plugged in with your local hospital, see what they are doing and the impact that you are making! Find out what programs are funded by CMN and share more about that. I find that people are more willing to give if you can share real examples of what that money is doing to help the kids.

Fun fact about you!
I have gotten an Extra Life themed tattoo, waxed my chest twice and have consumed 4 zebra tarantulas (dried) for the kids in the last 2 years.

Click here to sign up for Extra Life in support of Beaumont Children’s
Click here to join the Extra Life Detroit Facebook Group