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Extra Life Detroit Plaque Recognizes Beaumont Children’s Top Groups

Extra Life Detroit Plaque

A recognition plaque was installed at Beaumont Children’s in Royal Oak to recognize top schools, colleges and organizations supporting Extra Life Detroit each year. The plaque is displayed in the Children’s Miracle Network Garden’s Teen Area, where kids enjoy playing video games, PC games and tabletop games. We are thrilled to recognize the generous groups that are dedicated to giving back through the Extra Life platform!

Divine Child High School Esports Team
Divine Child was the highest fundraising School Level team. Collectively, the team of 36 students, coaches and administration banned together to raise $8,077 in 2020!

Their support started in 2018 and since then, DC Esports has raised over $16,913 for Beaumont Children’s through their fundraising efforts. Matthew Mooney, Assistant Principal at Divine Child High School comments, “When Divine Child High School started it’s program several years ago, our goal was to bring what we call ‘Goodness to Gaming’. Extra Life was the first and most important step towards that legacy.

CUAA Esports Team
Concordia University of Ann Arbor was the highest fundraising Collegiate Team supporting Extra Life Detroit in 2020. 12 team members helped raise $1,488 for Beaumont Children’s!

When Dominic Scala transitioned from teaching at Divine Child to Esports Director at Concordia University of Ann Arbor, Extra Life was one of the first things he put into action. The team completely embraced the new charity aspect of their team and enjoyed having fun while also making a difference. Dominic commented, “Extra Life, to us, feels like a unique blend of fun and responsibility. We all love to play games, but Extra Life allows us to play those games all while helping children. It’s a calling of sorts: We are being called to come together as a a team, expand and connect our communities to as many people as possible, and help make great things happen for great kids.

WorkForce Software, LLC
WorkForce Software was the top organization team supporting Extra Life Detroit in 2020. 14 passionate participants helped raise over $6,216 for Beaumont Children’s!

Team captain, Mark DeHate says, “Our team at WorkForce Software is so grateful to be able to support Extra Life. Supporting our local community is important to us, and figuring out how to do that safely and most effectively has been a challenge in the last year! Being able to turn our passion for gaming into support for children in need – that’s an easy win-win!

Each year, the top three Extra Life fundraising groups will be included on the plaque to signify the lasting change they are making on kids’ health. These groups will include:
School Level – middle or high school
Collegiate Level –  college or university
Organization – business or corporation

Children’s Miracle Network Garden 

The CMN Garden at Beaumont Children’s is a 4,000-square-foot glass enclosed area on the 5th floor of Beaumont, Royal Oak. The Garden is open to all pediatric and neonatal patients and their families to enjoy. Medical procedures are prohibited in this area, making it a safe space where kids can truly relax. The beautiful space has state-of-the-art entertainment technology and a whimsical child-friendly atmosphere. Children can play video games, watch movies or relax in the garden with family.

The garden includes a large lending library with books for all ages. The “outside” feel of the space brings an important element of healing to all the special children we serve. The glass, high-vaulted ceilings allow an abundance of natural light in, which is a relieving change of scenery from hospital rooms. Child Life Services hosts numerous events in the garden, including: art and music therapy sessions, game nights, milestone celebrations and holiday parties. To view a walk-through of the Garden, click here!