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The Healing Powers of Music

Champion child, Carlos enjoying the piano generously donated by The Healing Notes Foundation

It’s evident that music can help heal. Music can boost your immune system, lower stress and pain levels and can even help with speech and expression. For patients treated at Beaumont Children’s, music therapy has been a program that thousands of kids have benefited from. The Healing Notes Foundation is helping Beaumont Children’s make music therapy even more accessible to kids who are undergoing treatment.

The Foundation generously donated a piano to help patients cope with the stress associated with being in the hospital. This is the reason the Foundation began. The inspiration started with 13 year old, Ali. Ali underwent a spinal fusion surgery to correct a curvature in her spine. Recovering from this operation, along with 10 additional surgeries, proved to be a difficult road for young Ali. It was a simple keyboard and the hope of a song which enabled Ali to adopt a spirit which could not be broken. Through the healing powers of music, Ali became “Unbreakable.” See more of her story here.

The Healing Notes Foundation is dedicated to providing musical equipment, therapeutic services, instruction, and volunteer services to benefit those individuals and members of families who are affected by short-term, long-term, and chronic illnesses. To learn more about The Healing Notes Foundation, please visit their website and their Facebook page!

Thank you to The Healing Notes Foundation for your generous donation and for your dedication to helping children heal through the powers of music.