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Thank You for Making Miracles

On behalf of more than 200,000 children in Southeast Michigan that receive support from Children’s Miracle Network funding at Beaumont Children’s, THANK YOU for your generosity in 2019! With the help of corporate partners, special events & generous donors, more than $3.6 million was raised, much of it $1 and one donation at a time.

This is what your donations funded:

Medical Equipment & Technology – The Student Robot
For many kids with cancer, frequent hospital visits can make it difficult to keep up socially and academically. Yet new medical equipment and technology at Beaumont Children’s is making it easier to maintain grades and friendships by bringing school to patients. Patients can attend school from the comfort of their hospital beds.

There are five robots, managed by a Beaumont Children’s teacher, and are currently placed in different schools. This new student robot program allows teens to attend school, even if they are hospitalized. With this new program and equipment, a robot on wheels is placed in the teen’s regular classroom. The patient can then access the robot from his or her computer, using arrows on their keyboard to control the robot’s movement. With both downward and forward-facing cameras, students can easily navigate hallways to get to their classes!! Patients can even access the robot from home. These robots were made possible because of generous donations made to Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont Children’s!

Patient Services – For Kids like Desmond
Patient services helps kids like Desmond. When Desmond was a year old, his family started to notice that he was falling a lot and it was painful for him to sit. To his parent’s disbelief, he soon became paralyzed. Doctor’s discovered a tumor on Desmond’s spine. He was rushed into emergency surgery, and after recovering, started physical and occupational therapy. Now 6, Desmond continues both physical and occupational therapies and uses leg braces to walk. Because of these services, he doesn’t seem to notice as he runs around playing basketball and enjoying life as a “normal” kid.

Advancement Services – Bravery Beads
Donations are unrestricted and can be used to fund anything from life-saving equipment to Child Life services. Sometimes a bravery cape or bravery bead can be just the “medicine” a patient fighting cancer needs. Donations have also been used to help expand, renovate or build new areas of a hospital, helping keep specialists under one roof to provide collaborative and efficient care. Watch Evan’s story here to see how the Bravery Bead program got him through the toughest of times.

Education – Training and Safety
Donations help pediatric patients being treated for every injury and illness imaginable. Donations made to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals are unrestricted and can fund training programs to educate staff, breastfeeding techniques and strategies for premature babies and safety clinics that teach things like car seat safety. Donations also fund resource centers to help patients and families learn about conditions and illnesses and programs that help patients and families deal with diagnoses and other parts of recovery.

Charitable Care – For Kids like Braylen
Charitable care helps kids like Braylen and Rylee. When Braylen was 2 years old, his mom noticed that he wasn’t able to use his words to explain himself and instead used hand gestures that only she could understand. He was growing increasingly frustrated and was soon diagnosed with Expressive Language Disorder. Braylen began receiving Speech Therapy through Beaumont Children’s and in March of 2016, was enrolled in the Communication Preschool Program.

The progress Braylen has achieved within these two programs has been nothing short of remarkable. He no longer gets angry and throws tantrums and instead expresses his feelings vocally and with confidence. Braylen’s younger sister Rylee now attends the Communication Preschool and is already making strides in her speech development. Thanks to generous donations, which subsidize the Communication Preschool, Braylen and Rylee were able to receive scholarships to attend the program—a cost that their family wouldn’t have been able to afford on their own.

Research – Advancing Care
From initiatives that help cancer survivors take on life after the disease, to research that allows patients to get the best treatment and therapy needed, to clinical trials that help patients battle illnesses, donations help fund multiple areas.

Thank you for your support. 100% of donations stay local & help kids in our community!