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Step Up to Help Kids During Ace Hardware’s 11th Annual Bucket Days, August 4-6, and Help Change Kids’ Health

Ace Hardware customers like the reward of transformation and the ability to build, create and improve. That is why Ace Hardware, the Helpful Place, makes it easy to create lasting change. This includes ways in which Beaumont Children’s, a member hospital of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, cares for kids.

This August 4-6, when you step up to help kids by purchasing a Miracle Bucket for $5 at participating Ace Hardware stores in Southeast Michigan, your donation comes to Beaumont Children’s. Allowing children the opportunity to lead healthy, fulfilling lives while also fostering the builders and creators of tomorrow creates more positive outcomes for local kids.

Patients like Lily, the 2023 Ace All-Star. Lily was born prematurely and, after receiving additional blood tests, was diagnosed with Down syndrome, meaning she has three copies of her 21st chromosome. The vital services she receives at her children’s hospital help remove barriers, empowering Lily to reach her full potential. She loves animals of all kinds, playing outside with her friends, swinging, and saying, “By myself, Mommy!” Since birth, her local children’s hospital has supported her through various therapies as a child living with Down syndrome. Donations provided help Lily unlock a world of possibility.

Together, we see what the future can be and are working to make it a reality. Because when we change kids’ health, we change the future – for all of us.