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Panda Express Supplies Comfort and Safety for Frontline COVID-19 Staff

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues and donations slow, Panda Express proves once again that they never stop supporting the communities they serve!

On Wednesday, April 13, Panda Express locations from across Southeast Michigan came together to supply 200 tasty meals to our frontline COVID-19 staff at Beaumont Royal Oak.  A typical hospital shift at this time is comprised of over 500 hospital professionals caring for patients on floors dedicated to COVID-19, administering anesthesia, performing surgeries and processing tests in the lab. It just so happened that there was a shortage of meals on this day, so Panda’s donation couldn’t have come at a better time to help support our tireless caretakers.

But Panda wasn’t done. After working with our Beaumont Health supply chain team to assess current needs, Panda Express is also donating another critical layer of support to our COVID efforts…..100,000 surgical masks! Not only will these masks help to protect our medical professionals, but also our COVID patients and their families throughout all 8 of our hospital locations. Masks are required to be worn in all Beaumont Health facilities, so the need for a steady supply remains high.

We can’t thank Panda Express enough for their commitment to supporting Beaumont Health through this crisis! Time and time again they show us that #PandaCares!!!