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Kids Helping Kids

The Cottage Kids

Every year a group of families go on vacation to Canada. Over the years, the children of these families have become very close. They are known as “The Cottage Kids.” One of the signature events every summer is their ice cream social where sundaes are served to the parents. The kids put a tip jar out in hopes of making a little money for their efforts. Collectively, they decided that their efforts should go to a good cause this year. All of the parents thought this was a great idea!

A sweet woman named Sandy was a Registered Nurse at Beaumont for 30 years. Even though she had retired, Beaumont and Children’s Miracle Network was still near and dear to her heart. She informed The Cottage Kids about Children’s Miracle Network and the impact their donations would make on the children and their families going through a tough time in the hospital. It was unanimous. Sandy later collected the funds and donated $100 to Children’s Miracle Network at Beaumont Children’s on behalf of The Cottage Kids.

A special thank you to The Cottage Kids for being the next generation of philanthropists. Your compassion for others is truly appreciated!