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Inside the Guild – An Interview with Samier

Meet Samier.

Dog dad. Nursing student. Extra Lifer.

How long have you participated in Extra Life? I have been working with Extra Life for a couple years now. At first, I was not a content creator and just a regular viewer to a couple channels and would donate what I could. Even the small amounts that I was able to give, the streamer appreciated it so very much and I knew it was going to a perfect cause. It has been an honor to go from being the viewer to being the streamer but even though I am taking a break from streaming, I am still very active in the community and joining forces with others to make Extra Life grow, #ForTheKids!

Favorite Games? This is a tough one since I love games but when with friends I would have to say League of Legends is my top pick but lately we have been drawn to Apex Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Division 2, and Overwatch. On my off time, you will find me playing Final Fantasy XIV, Star Citizen, and anything on my Nintendo Switch. 

How do you raise awareness and funds? This is simple, I love to “Spread the Word.” I am a people person and will communicate with as many people as I can to get the message across. This is one reason I loved streaming so much, I was able to reach the masses with ease and help others learn of the amazing cause that Extra Life is doing. Through this, I have met so many amazing friends and not to mention kids who have seen first hand what Extra Life does for them. 

What does Extra Life mean to you? Ahhh, this question I could write a book about but the short version is, I know what these kids are going through and to have a cause that is willing to help through the power of games is amazing. I have Ulcerative Colitis and was diagnosed in 1998 with it. At that time, I was bound to a hospital bed with nothing to do…it was not a fun experience but today we have so many advances to allow these bright stars to shine. Also, it shows how games can truly benefit anyone.

Fun Fact: My theme for my content is based around my dog Shilo (Bubba). My viewers love him and I try to bring him on camera when I can. I am currently back in school to become a nurse and with my first degree in computer science and game software development I plan to not only be there for the kids to help them but will be able to play games, teach coding, and do so much more for them and Extra Life. I want to take Extra Life and gaming to the next level. I have helped introduce new ideas to hospitals, such as creating a closed network within the hospital for kids to stream to all the others and play alongside them with laptops. Even showed how VR can help make a patient who had no sense of feeling in an arm able to move the arm ever so slightly and “phantom” felt it. This is my passion and I will do whatever I can to help this great cause grow.

Thank you for helping kids at Beaumont Children’s!

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