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Goodness in Gaming

Students participating in Extra Life at Divine Child High School are Saving Kids!

Divine Child High School’s esports program began two years ago with the goal of advocating for ‘Goodness in Gaming’.  To that end, the team has worked to promote tournaments, exhibition matches, and skill building practices with student gamers in the same physical space.  All too often the term ‘gamer’ is used to describe the trollish denizens of the deep web, but esports can and should be held to the same scrutiny as any other program.  Fair play, hard work, and community are the cornerstones of DC’s esports burgeoning esports program.

Last year Divine Child took a big step forward in instilling ‘Goodness in Gaming’ by participating in Extra Life’s November 3rd Play Day.  Almost a dozen players, coaches, and teachers played for the twenty-four hours to raise money for Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

As the fall is once again upon us, the next wave of DC’s student gamers are gearing up for marathon play on November 2nd. Please join them as they try to raise money and awareness of this great cause! Click the link below to support DC Esports!!