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Go Blue! Michigan Champion cheers on University of Michigan Wolverines

Michigan Champion Elise is quite a fighter!

She’s been fighting a rare congenital blood disorder since she was diagnosed with Jacobsen syndrome at just three months old. Her conditions have lead to immune deficiency, hypothyroidism, thrombocytopenia, two holes in her heart, asthma, eczema, hydronephrosis, ADHD, strabismus and epilepsy. And she’s had to endure eight surgeries due to birth defects.

Although Elise will need long-term medical care, she always has a positive attitude and encourages others to “never give up.”

Through programs such as the University of Michigan Dance Marathon–one of the top 15 Dance Marathon teams in the country–funds raised help kids like Elise.

So today, as the University of Michigan Wolverines prepare for a mighty battle in the Capital One Orange Bowl on Friday, December 30, let’s all cheer for Elise in her fight for a happy and healthy life.

Elise is treated at Beaumont Children’s in Royal Oak, Michigan. Funds raised via Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helped purchase the Distraction Station that helps Elise deal with shots and blood draws. They also covered an EKG machine, a garden complete with red wagons and the pet therapy program that helps children like Elise cope with stress.

To donate to Beaumont or your local children’s hospital, visit #BeTheirMVP.