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Gaming is for Everyone

Microsoft displays Compassion and Inclusion

Microsoft works diligently to ensure that everyone can enjoy the art of gaming. Phil Spencer, Executive President of Gaming at Microsoft commented by saying,

“For some, playing games is a way to unwind and relax alone – at work, after school or on the go. For others, it’s about the spirit of connection, competition and achievement amongst a group of like-minded friends. But, at its core, gaming is about fun. “Fun” is defined differently by different people, and we feel a responsibility as a team to build and protect that experience for everyone, and to offer more choice in how they play, who they play with and the devices they play on.”

Keeping fun and accessibility front of mind, Microsoft set out to be more inclusive than ever. A miracle family attended an Extra Life recruitment event at Microsoft and was touched by the exceptional experience they had. Miracle child Acer is blind and attended the event to support Extra Life Detroit. Alex, one of Microsoft’s team members, went out of his way to set up and download a Microsoft audio game so Acer could game with the other families and the Extra Life Guild.

Thank you Microsoft for your accessibility and your compassion to help others!!