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Ann Arbor Circle K Excels in Fundraising for Beaumont Children’s

“It is far better to give than to receive.”

Deitrick, Donnie, Durant, Demani, Peter

Since 2000, Circle K has been raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Cashiers ask customers to make a donation during checkout. Mostly $1 at a time, over $220,000 has been collected in support of Beaumont Children’s over the past 21 years. These generous donations stay local and support things like special pediatric programs, advanced medical equipment, top of the line technology, and charitable care for families who need it most.

This year, the Ann Arbor Circle K location is on a mission to raise $2,500 by the end of the campaign. With consistent reminders to support a greater good, they are well on their way to hitting this goal. Behind the store’s success is a passionate, motivated store manager, Peter. Peter has experienced first-hand the miracles that happen within the walls of pediatric hospitals. 4 years ago his grandson Donnie suddenly was unable to walk, talk, or function independently. Donnie, Teresa (Donnie’s Mom), and Peter took Donnie in to run a countless number of tests to determine why Donnie was experiencing the sudden onset of debilitating symptoms. The tests found that, while extremely rare, a case of hand foot and mouth disease caused him to have encephalitis, a swelling of the brain. This was causing him to lose motor functions. Donnie spent four long months in the hospital recovering, going to physical therapy and learning to walk and talk again. Throughout the process, both Peter and Teresa immediately understood the critical need to support pediatric hospitals because of Donnie’s miraculous recovery. Donnie is now 10 years-old and has made a full recovery. He’s happy, healthy, active and hilarious. He loves spending time with his three brothers and playing sports.

Peter commented, “I’ve supported the CMN campaign since I started at Circle K 15 years ago, but when Donnie got sick it became even more important to me. I have daily conversations with my team and customers about the significance of giving back. Sharing the experience of donating to charity shows that any one person can make a change in the world!! It really is far better to give than to receive.”

A huge shout out go to Peter and the top three fundraisers Pat, Amanda and Lori for driving the fundraising at the Ann Arbor Circle K!