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Beaumont Nurses help CMN Champion

Over the weekend, Lexi was out with a friend and they went miniature golfing.  It was hot out.  Lexi was sweating a lot and started feeling sick.  She got to the point where she felt like she was nauseous and asked her friend for some water. She was holding onto a rope railing, and before she knew it, she fainted.  She had never fainted in her life.  It just so happens that the people in the group ahead of them were Beaumont nurses.  They saw her insulin pump and immediately knew she was in need of help.  While her friend ran to get water, the nurses gave her fruit snacks they had packed for their kids, assuming her blood sugar was low. Thankfully her blood sugar ended up being fine, but she was dehydrated. A few drinks of water helped her come back around and she even finished her mini golf round!

It was definitely “meant to be” that those nurses were there.  As soon as they saw the insulin pump, they knew to check things further. Lexi knows what to do in case of an emergency, but her decision making is sometimes affected when her body is “off”.

Thank you so much for the Beaumont Nurses who went above and beyond to help Lexi.